I am in love with this clothing line!

I was checking out the Set Apart Girl website (click here to check it out) which is Leslie Ludy’s website (formerly Authentic Girl) when I came acroos the link for the clothing line. Leslie is a set apart woman for God who shares a ministry with her husband, Eric. (I first came across Leslie & Eric’s story after reading their book When God Writes Your Love Story – click here to purchase through CBD.) Each month Leslie has a list of “picks” and was one of them for the month of September.

As a Christian woman, I sometimes find it hard to purchase a cute top, dress or skirt without having to purchase a cami or other undergarment to cover what the top, dress or skirt doesn’t! This seems to be a typical issue for other girls who want to dress modestly – and cute! – Christian or otherwise.

So many of today’s fashions show so much but I must ask – whatever happened to leaving a little to the imagination? or a little goes a long way? It just seems that shirts plung lower every spring and skirts get shorter. Lest we forget the always beloved swimsuit and how skimpy they can get! (I should probably get off this rabbit trail before I continue…)

I must admit, I was skeptical just by reading the little blurb that Leslie posted on her site with the link to Christa-Taylor, but I was pleasantly surprised that the clothes were not trendy but cute and timeless. Here is my favorite top from the site.

Swingy McBride Tunic
(click here to be directed to the site)

Since I just stumbled upon this site today, I have yet to purchase from it but I will hopefully be doing so in the near future! All I have to say is, Thank you, Christa Taylor for staying true to who you are. Your clothes are cute and classic, feminine and modest. I pray that God blesses all you do through this venture.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.



Pioneer Valley House of Prayer

Hey all… I just wanted to post personally about Pioneer Valley House of Prayer, which is a prayer gathering that I blog for as well. It was started earlier this year in my church by some of us “young adults”. A link to that blog is located on the right hand side of this blog page.

Part of why I wanted to blog about it now is because we are gathering tonight at Christ Life Fellowship. The start time is 7:00 p.m. The church is located at 15 Lincoln Street, South Hadley, MA 01075.

Also, for those of you who are not familiar with our gathering, here is a little background info…

Pioneer Valley House of Prayer began back in the winter of 2008. God really stirred our hearts to begin to pray earnestly for the region and to cry out for a deep sense of urgency to be released in the hearts of His children. The Holy Spirit prodded our hearts about the complacency that the Body of Christ currently lives in. We made the decision that we didn’t want to be “lukewarm” (Rev. 3:16) any longer. We asked the Lord to instill a deeper longing and passion than ever before for His purpose to be fulfilled in this region. God faithfully met that request and birthed a desire within us to press forward in a new direction.
God has only given us a portion of the vision for this House of Prayer, but that was just enough to ignite His Holy Fire within us. God is raising up an army of people in this hour that are willing to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thes. 5:17) all over this nation and this world. He has put it in the hearts of His children that there is nothing more important that we could possibly be doing with our time than worshipping Jesus, praying continually and carrying out His will so that His Kingdom might be manifested.
We want to join alongside the Corporate Body of Christ who have labored for years in prayer and continue to build upon that intercession. We gather to “life Him up, that He might draw all men to Himself” (John 12:32) and that we might hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in this hour.

This nation is in great need of grace and mercy from God that will only be accomplished through intercessory prayer. My prayer is that the many prayer movements going on across this nation will cause God’s people to rise up and take their place. Complacency will be replaced with great BOLDNESS!

I hope I see you all there.

Blessings in the Name of Jesus,


Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets

I purchased this book about 2 years ago and I started reading it then but I was having a tough time comprehending the subject matter. I wasn’t quite at a place in my walk with God where it would make sense to me just yet.

I started reading it again last night and I can’t believe how much it makes sense and it is the right book at the right time for me to be reading. With everything going on in America and the world regarding our economy, the upcoming election, abortion, the attack on marriage, etc. We need more intercessory prayer.

I’m only on chapter 3 but it has so much! I will keep you all informed as to my progress. There is a study book available to go with it and I may pick it up.



I’m not sorry

So yesterday I told my friend how I felt… I’m not sure how well it went since I sent him a tet message and I have yet to hear from him. I had to tell him because if I didn’t, I wasn’t being honest with him or myself.

I care about him alot and there is a part of me that would love for us to try – and I mean, seriously try – to work on a relationship. I’m just not sure it will happen. Maybe I’m just too blunt. Maybe I should have waited for him to say something first. Either way, I’m not sorry that I said anything nor do I regret saying something.


I went to see a friend of mine this weekend. A guy friend. I’ve known this guy friend for over a decade now, although we haven’t always been friends. There have been points in the past 10 years or so where we drifted apart or we had a disagreement that caused our friendship to stop. I never stopped caring for this friend and at one point I had even thought I stopped caring as much as I do for him.

This actually all started back in July of this year. I hadn’t seen him in about 2 years after his family stopped coming to church. (A little side note: 3 years ago this coming October, I started going to Christ Life Fellowship in South Hadley, MA thanks to him.) I was driving home on a Sunday with a friend of mine after church and we saw him with his dad. It was bittersweet. I was so excited to see him but I also wished that he was still coming to church and I could tell that he wasn’t going at all. But I digress… That day we exchanged phone numbers and would text and talk on the phone (mostly text, really). We tried to get together a couple of times but just couldn’t seem to coordinate our schedules to do so. After a couple of weeks of not hearing from him, he sent me a text last Monday and we decided that to hang out this past Saturday. Amazingly enough, we actually we able to hang out.

However, once I saw him again, I had this feeling in my gut that there was a possibility we might end up going down the same road we had been down more than once. There has always been an attraction between us. I can’t and won’t deny it. It’s more than a physical attraction, at least for me, especially after knowing his heart toward God. It scares me though because I’m at a point in my life where I want to get married to a Christian man and have children. It’s part of the path God has paved for me.

There has always been a part of me that saw me and him together in the future but, to be honest, I’m not sure how he feels other than attraction. In the past we were never able to get it together. I laugh at myself now when I think about it because I was always that girl. You know, the one who jumped in feet first to the deep end – and the deep end is about 30 feet deep! I’m not sure I’m ready for that again and if it isn’t God’s will for us to be together, I certainly don’t want to ruin our friendship…

Needless to say, after just spending time together that one day, I am already at a crossroads about our friendship. It’s a friendship that scares me – not in a bad way because I think it would be good either way but in that I don’t know where it goes from here. I guess part of that is also because I didn’t want to overthink things but I guess it’s too late for that…

So… I guess my question is, what do I do now? Do I talk to him or do I just let it “play out”?

We’ll find out…


School, Wedding craziness and work…

My friends, Sovany and Ed, are getting married this Friday coming up and I am the “wedding planner” for the day of. 🙂 Not that I didn’t volunteer and not that I’m not happy to help because I’m always happy to help my friends… I just didn’t realize that I would be this busy with school or that I would have a cold. I should have expected to get sick or to have a lot of school work due… but just not both at the same time. I was actually kind of hoping that the cold would wait until AFTER the wedding but I guess it missed that memo.

Needless to say, my days and nights will be consumed with school and wedding stuff where I am going to have to cram as much homework into every minute that I am not working on wedding stuff. NO SLACKING! I can’t procrastinate this week. I did too much of that last week and I think that’s what got me into trouble this week. Of course, it didn’t help that we didn’t get our syllabus until last Wednesday and we should of had it a week and a half before that.

Ok, so enough of that rant… I’m just going to have to pray that God gives me discernment each day on how to approach every situation… Maybe I can do homework Friday morning while the girls are getting their hair done… hmm… ideas are coming to me!

Good night all and God Bless!

Can’t Sleep…

I've been really tore up these last couple of days. I upset someone that I really like and I can't fix it.

God has revealed to me somethings about myself in the last 24 hours that I need to work on. Unfortunately in the process I think I hurt someone and potentially lost something good. I tried to put it on the other person for being offended and it was their issue. Really its me. I just got to excited over the potential of the relationship that I just didn't listen to what my Spirit was saying. Instead I just listened to my Soul. I got caught up in the excitement of something new.

But now I can't fix it and that's the part that always upsets me the most. I'm the person who always want to try and right a wrong – especially when I'm the one who was in the wrong. It just doesn't always work that way though.

I just pray that the person I think I hurt will eventually find in them to forgive me. I believe they will if they truly want to walk this life the way Jesus did.

I will forgive myself, too. Pray for me.

Good night everyone,