Can’t Sleep…

I've been really tore up these last couple of days. I upset someone that I really like and I can't fix it.

God has revealed to me somethings about myself in the last 24 hours that I need to work on. Unfortunately in the process I think I hurt someone and potentially lost something good. I tried to put it on the other person for being offended and it was their issue. Really its me. I just got to excited over the potential of the relationship that I just didn't listen to what my Spirit was saying. Instead I just listened to my Soul. I got caught up in the excitement of something new.

But now I can't fix it and that's the part that always upsets me the most. I'm the person who always want to try and right a wrong – especially when I'm the one who was in the wrong. It just doesn't always work that way though.

I just pray that the person I think I hurt will eventually find in them to forgive me. I believe they will if they truly want to walk this life the way Jesus did.

I will forgive myself, too. Pray for me.

Good night everyone,


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