School, Wedding craziness and work…

My friends, Sovany and Ed, are getting married this Friday coming up and I am the “wedding planner” for the day of. 🙂 Not that I didn’t volunteer and not that I’m not happy to help because I’m always happy to help my friends… I just didn’t realize that I would be this busy with school or that I would have a cold. I should have expected to get sick or to have a lot of school work due… but just not both at the same time. I was actually kind of hoping that the cold would wait until AFTER the wedding but I guess it missed that memo.

Needless to say, my days and nights will be consumed with school and wedding stuff where I am going to have to cram as much homework into every minute that I am not working on wedding stuff. NO SLACKING! I can’t procrastinate this week. I did too much of that last week and I think that’s what got me into trouble this week. Of course, it didn’t help that we didn’t get our syllabus until last Wednesday and we should of had it a week and a half before that.

Ok, so enough of that rant… I’m just going to have to pray that God gives me discernment each day on how to approach every situation… Maybe I can do homework Friday morning while the girls are getting their hair done… hmm… ideas are coming to me!

Good night all and God Bless!


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