I am in love with this clothing line!

I was checking out the Set Apart Girl website (click here to check it out) which is Leslie Ludy’s website (formerly Authentic Girl) when I came acroos the link for the clothing line. Leslie is a set apart woman for God who shares a ministry with her husband, Eric. (I first came across Leslie & Eric’s story after reading their book When God Writes Your Love Story – click here to purchase through CBD.) Each month Leslie has a list of “picks” and was one of them for the month of September.

As a Christian woman, I sometimes find it hard to purchase a cute top, dress or skirt without having to purchase a cami or other undergarment to cover what the top, dress or skirt doesn’t! This seems to be a typical issue for other girls who want to dress modestly – and cute! – Christian or otherwise.

So many of today’s fashions show so much but I must ask – whatever happened to leaving a little to the imagination? or a little goes a long way? It just seems that shirts plung lower every spring and skirts get shorter. Lest we forget the always beloved swimsuit and how skimpy they can get! (I should probably get off this rabbit trail before I continue…)

I must admit, I was skeptical just by reading the little blurb that Leslie posted on her site with the link to Christa-Taylor, but I was pleasantly surprised that the clothes were not trendy but cute and timeless. Here is my favorite top from the site.

Swingy McBride Tunic
(click here to be directed to the site)

Since I just stumbled upon this site today, I have yet to purchase from it but I will hopefully be doing so in the near future! All I have to say is, Thank you, Christa Taylor for staying true to who you are. Your clothes are cute and classic, feminine and modest. I pray that God blesses all you do through this venture.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.



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