On a Lighter, Happier Note :-)

I’m obsessed… with blogs! Lol…

It all started last month when I began my blog for the Pioneer Valley House of Prayer. On that blog, write about our planning meetings and our prayer gatherings on a random basis. We only meet twice a month to plan for our once a month prayer gatherings so I only write once a week or so.

Around the time I started that blog, I decided to start one for myself. I was journaling for about 7 months or so, but I didn’t do it often and found I didn’t give myself much time for it because I would have to be on my laptop for school so often. I figured a blog would be a better way to get it all out since I was on my computer so much! However, it opened a whole world of blogs to me that I never knew existed… and when I found one I liked, I found 2 or 3 others that I just enjoyed reading… It is so amazing to me that we can communicate like this. I have to say that I was happy that I found some Christian blogs that just spoke the Glory of God to me. I know that this blog didn’t exactly begin that way but I’m putting my focus more that way.

In the next day or so I will be posting a study on unity that I did about two months ago. I’m hoping it will help me to find a direction regarding my Sunday School “lesson” I will be teaching for our young adults class this week.

I hope you are all blessed this weekend…


P.S. Please continue to pray for me as I am seeking God for direction on going to China in April, 2009. I am praying it will not take long for my passport to come in and that I will be given the time off from work to go once they finalize the dates we will be there. I am hoping to speak with my pastor this weekend for guidance in my decision.


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