One Reason Why I Can’t Vote Obama…

As Election Day gets closer, I find myself inundated with pro- and anti- Obama ads and pro- and anti- McCain ads. You also hear about the polls that say Obama is ahead, but not by much… Well, I just received an email regarding this video by Students for Life of America. You can also read more about it here.

What is reported in this video is exactly why I can’t vote for Obama – he has NO respect for human life. If he can vote against a bill that will save the life of a baby who survives an abortion or be okay with one of his daughters having an abortion if they become pregnant as a teen (umm… how about promoting abstinence instead with your children?), I can’t vote for him.

Sorry mom, dad and Meghan but I just can’t vote for a liberal like him. He is just like the Chaldeans Malachi spoke about in the Bible. Maybe that’s what God has in store for us. Maybe God needs to use him to judge us. Regardless, my conscience will not rest easy voting for a man like him.

If you would like more information regarding Students for Life of America, click here.

In this election, I tried not to be personal, to only look at the issues and where the candidates stand but I just can’t when it comes to something like this. Teenagers have to deal with so much more than I even did when I was in high school (and I only graduated 8 years ago!) that to be inundated with the sexual content on television shows, movies and in music that to be told, in not so many words, that it’s ok to have an abortion if you become pregnant as a teenager is too much for me.

Now, on the flip side, I can’t imagine what Sarah Palin must feel as a mother of a pregnant teenage daughter. However, I believe that the fact Bristol Palin has decided to keep her child says something about how she was raised. Yes, it will be a long, hard road for them since her and her fiance are just barely adults, but from the outside looking in, they have a strong support system around them to help them. For me, that is what I would rather see from a parent then Mr. Obama who would tell his daughter, “Honey, I know your 16 and pregnant, so if you want to abort your pregnancy, it’s ok.”

This post may not win me many friends – probably won’t win any at all, may even lose some – but there’s a country song that says, “You’d better stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Well, I STAND on God’s word and I STAND for Life and God’s Kingdom here on earth. I will continue to stand for these things until and even after His Kingdom comes.

Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy.


One response to “One Reason Why I Can’t Vote Obama…

  1. I’ve trying really hard to avoid political arguments lately… but just to clear one thing up. Obama does have respect for human life. Nobody is PRO-abortion… but they are Pro-life or Pro-CHOICE.The legislation he voted against that would have included “born alive” medical care, he voted against it for other reasons that would interfere with a woman’s right to choose, NOT to deny medical care to a child born during an abortion. And he did so with the knowledge that there was already a law on the books in IL that would require medical care for the baby in such an instance. Personally, I am against abortion. However, I would rather keep it legal and pray for God to change the hearts and minds of those who get or perform them, than to make them illegal and have women dying from obtaining illegal abortions or even, out of desperation, killing the newborn child they never wanted. I also feel that if we properly addressed other issues such as poverty and education, the abortion rate will hopefully go down as a result.That’s my two cents. God bless!

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