Name Change

So I’ve gone through three names and a few different layouts/backgrounds for this blog and, finally, I think I have the “perfect” combination for what I want this blog to be about… the title will most definitely stay but that background may change more than once! Lol… the nature of a woman who changes her purses almost as often as I change my underwear (ie. once a day people!).

I originally wasn’t sure of what I wanted to name my blog so I think I just used my own name. but then, after a church service, I thought about what I was going to eventually write about, who God is to me and who I was in God’s Kingdom – God is my King and I’m a daughter of Zion, so I am a daughter of the King. Hence, my former title – A Daughter of the King. However, after listening to the newest Little Big Town CD (which I had finally downloaded from iTunes), I kept thinking about one of the tracks, “Vapor”, and how it sums up a lot about this life.

Although I truly believe in an eternal life with God, sometimes our bodies just aren’t up for the job even when our spirits are. With all the death I’ve seen in my short time here on earth, it’s true – This Life is a Vapor, especially when it has no purpose. In the last almost 27 years I’ve been walking this earth, I’ve seen both of my grandmothers pass away, 3 uncles, 2 aunts, the 16 year old sister of a dear friend, multiple friends of friends and members of the church I go to. Some walked with God, most did not. Either way, they are no longer here to walk out this life – their lives were like a vapor. Here today, gone tomorrow.

I believe that humans can live to be 120 years old but that may not be in the cards we are all dealt. Of course, our own choices play a part in that as well. I want to live as long as I can but while I’m at it, I’m going to serve Jesus Christ and live it to the fullest. For me that’s growing in my relationship with God, living in a house with 4 other women, going to school and working full time, being involved in my church, getting married and having kids, and seeing my family come to know God, too. I think that’s why the lyrics to the Little Big Town song really struck a cord in me. The last line of the third verse says “I want to leave a legacy like that.” Count me in! I want to leave a legacy just like Jesus… you may not know my name but I pray I effect as many people in this life time as Jesus did.




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