God’s Faithfulness is Amazing

Last week on Veteran’s Day, I had the day off from work like many people so I decided to run some errands early in the morning so I could just chill at home and work on my school stuff. Well, that day I guess God had other plans. My day started out pretty ok – I stopped at the local tire store to have a tire replaced (I had gotten a flat the Friday before and they couldn’t get a tire for me til that Monday) and it only took about 45 minutes for them to change the tire.

Since it was relatively early in the day – about 8:45 am – I decided to try and get some grocery shopping done at the local Wally World down the street. I was making good time since there was no one in the store – in and out in 30 minutes! As I proceeded to put my groceries in the car, I noticed a woman waiting for my spot. (I had prime front row parking.) I hurried to finish putting my groceries in the car and put my cart away.

That morning I didn’t grab my purse, just my wallet. I wasn’t planning to be gone long and didn’t want to lug it around. So, as I was pulling into my street, I realized that I forgot my wallet in my cart!

Panic set in. I checked all my bags – nothing. I checked everywhere in my car – nothing. I rushed back to Wally World. The cart was where I left it but not my wallet. I went inside and checked with customer service – no one turned it in. I immediately called my banks to cancel my cards. Then I went to the RMV to check their hours for the next morning since they weren’t open for the holiday.

There were two police cruisers parked in the lot and one of the officers sitting in the car let me know that they weren’t open. At that time I told him that I was just checking their hours for Wednesday. Now, by this time I had been crying and just completely upset by the circumstance. The officer must have seen this and asked me what happened and if I wanted to fill out a report. I gave him the information and then went on my merry way.

Fast forward until yesterday… in the interim, I had received my replacement license but was waiting for my replacement debit card and credit card. During my lunch break, I went home to see if at least my debit card had come in and it had, along with my credit card and a notice from the post office that I had mail waiting for me that needed extra postage to be paid for it but it wasn’t available for pickup until this morning.

I contemplated not picking it up because I wasn’t expecting anything but something told me to pick it up. So, this morning on my way to work, I went to the post office, paid $3.08 and picked up the small padded manilla envelope. As I was walking to my car, I opened the envelope and just started to laugh because it was my wallet! Everything except for the little bit of loose change was still in it – my license, my debit card, etc. All I could do on the drive to work was laugh! I laughed because I knew it was God and I knew my prayers had been answered. I didn’t really care if I got the wallet back. I mean, it’s a nice wallet and I like it but I mainly just wanted to know that my information didn’t get into the wrong hands.

From the stamps on the envelope, it looked like someone just dropped my wallet into a mailbox. However the post office received my wallet, I just want to let whomever it was that put my wallet in the mail, THANK YOU. I appreciate it that you were honest and made sure I received it back.

I also wanted to say that God is AMAZING and so FAITHFUL, even when – especially when – we are not.


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