I Pledge

So there is this video out of celebrities like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, P Diddy, Courtney Cox, and others all pledge to change and to support our new president. They list off a number of things they can do – good works, if you will. Some of the things mentioned were to support Feed America and local food banks, mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters, reducing the amount of plastic they use, using less petroleum products, etc. At the end of this video, they ask what our personal pledge is.

Well, here is what I came up with for myself:

  1. I pledge to know the Word of God so that when someone questions me about my beliefs, I can speak to them about the things of God with confidence in Him. When I don’t know something or am unsure, I will seek it out for myself instead of relying on someone else’s revelation.
  2. I pledge to pray more, listen more and talk less. I want to know what God is saying to me for me.
  3. I pledge to be bold in Him at the right time. (This goes along with #2… I need to listen more to Him when it comes to opening my mouth. I’ve learned alot in the last year about knowing the right time to speak but I am still learning.)
  4. I pledge to no longer be fearful of speaking the name of Jesus or God in public. He is my Saviour and by knowing Him, my life has been changed. When people meet me, they need to see that.
  5. I pledge to be more sensitive to the Spirit and to submit to Him so that when people meet me they see Him and not me. The world needs Him.

So, this is all I have for now. What is your pledge?



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