Today has been a more contemplative day. It was pretty quiet at the office today. Yesterday there was supposed to be a meeting for my mission trip to China in April but they canceled due to unexpected snow here in the Northeast. (Well, I think the accumulation was what was unexpected, really, ‘cuz snow in February isn’t very surprising.) So, I spent the evening at mom & dad’s just hanging out.

Just before I went over, I came home to check my mail and there was a letter from my uncle, my mom’s only living sibling. (He had emailed me over the weekend that he was sending me a check.) The check he sent me was for $100.00. I was so excited! That means I have $1,900.00 to raise for my trip in the next month. Not bad, really. Of course, that doesn’t include the amount I will add in myself but it was just encouraging for me to receive SOMETHING toward the trip.

I’ll keep everyone posted about the trip and how close I am to my monetary goal.

I hope everyone had a blessed day,


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