The Last Lecture

So I’ve been reading the book, The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch based on his now famous lecture called “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” I first watched the lecture (the video above) sometime in the fall and was amazed that this man who was living with terminal pancreatic cancer was so ALIVE. He had no regrets about how he had lived his life up to that point and wanted to impart what he had learned in life.

As I was reading the book today, one of the chapters I read was titled, “I’m on My Honeymood, But If You Need Me…” Most of the chapters in the book are short so it’s a quick and easy read. I would recommend that if you get the chance, you should pick up this book. Here are the seven points he made:

  1. Time must be explicitly managed, like money.
  2. You can always change your plan, but only if you have one.
  3. Ask yourself: Are you spending your time on the right things?
  4. Develop a good filing system.
  5. Rethink the telephone.
  6. Delegate.
  7. Take a time out.

Over the next week or so I will post on each of these points individually starting with tomorrow with a Biblical perspective as well.

Blessings to you all,

*Update: I was actually re-reading this chapter in the book and realized that there are seven points that were made about time management.


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