Motivate Me Mondays

So this week I am participating in Sarah Mae’s Motivate Me Mondays. The topic today is

Share some advice, wisdom, practical applications, tips you’ve learned, etc. that you think would benefit and motivate others.

Ok. Well, I will quote you one of my favorite Bible verses from Proverbs 13:12(NIV) –

A hope deferred makes a heart sick,
but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

Now, that isn’t necessarily motivating for some. No one wants to be heart sick. It’s not the first part of the verse that motivates me to keep going though. It’s that “a desire FULFILLED is a tree of life.” It is when I think on this that I am encouraged to continue to keep going and not to become discouraged when my hopes are not fulfilled when I want them to be. It reminds me that the desires of my heart will be fulfilled but in God’s timing and not my own.

This is especially important as a single woman. A lot of my friends are married or getting married and I have no prospects in sight. Yet, I was given a promise from God that I would be married and I would have children. When I remember this verse, I am reminded that God has given this promise and He will not back out of a promise He has made. It may just be “delayed” by our own standards.

I hope that I have been encouraging for someone today!




4 responses to “Motivate Me Mondays

  1. Jen, thank you so much for sharing this! I don’t know whether or not God will bring you a husband, but I do know that He will give you the desires of your heart – HE will place desires in your heart and fulfill them. This is motivating – thank you! God bless ya!:)

  2. Oh, I have been in your shoes. My senior year in college I lived with 5 girls, who were all engaged, and all planning weddings. I felt so lonely, and at that time, didn’t rely on the Lord like I do now. Be encouraged by your Lord. He truly knows your desires, and He loves you. Cherish this season of being single. He is teaching you something special.

  3. Oh yes thank you for this – as I stood in the train station tonight I couldn’t help but look at left hands and notice that I seemed to be the only one without a ring on mine and then thought that I had one for 20 years but what a total killing weight it was because although we thought we were what God planned for us, turns out we weren’t. And that made me sad. But I know God does have a plan for me and I just have to have patience (so hard) and Listen (harder) and He will reveal all to me! thank you for reminding me.

  4. There are SO many times in my life where ALL I had was a promise from God to help me stay encouraged! Faith in his promises will take your through some hard times! What’s so awesome on is that he always does what he says he will do! Thanks for the encouragement:)

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