Second Job…

I work full time right now for an attorney’s office. I am a receptionist/legal secretary. I don’t make much and what I do make barely covers my bills. I’ve been struggling financially for the last year. I’ve been pretty stressed about it for the past year. I’ve prayed and begged God for an answer.



I’ve applied for part-time jobs in the past with no success.

God has blessed me with money in the past that I wasn’t expecting but I never manage to save it. It is usually spent within months of being received and usually on bills or food (when I was living on my own).

Last weekend a group of young adults went camping for the weekend. I was invited to come. I was going to go. It was only supposed to be $50. Yeah, I didn’t have the money to go. A couple who God has blessed me with as good friends offered to pay for me to go because God blessed them with extra money.

I said, “No, Thank you.”

Now, some people would have jumped at that. And I can understand. I would have, too, in the past. But I believe God is trying to work out some things in my life which includes getting a part-time job. The discount is pretty good I have to admit but that’s not why I am getting this job. I feel like God is trying to show me something about myself that I can’t see. I’m not sure yet what that is, but once God reveals it to me, I’ll be happy to let you in on it.

A Godly woman whom I respect greatly, and whom I consider my spiritual mom, made a mention to me about trusting God to be Jehovah Jirah and provide for my every need. She was also concerned about separating myself from the young adults in my church. Very valid concerns. I would like to address it here.

I don’t believe that I doing anything outside God’s will for my life. I am not intentionally trying to separate myself from my friends. I know that God is my Provider – I believe He has blessed me with a second job to prove just this point.

Our group of friends is constantly changing and with 5 marriages within the last year (not including the 2 couples who have already been married 5 and 10 years respectively) and the other courtships that have blossomed within the last few years, it is inevitable that things would change and priorities would change. I don’t blame anyone. I was hurt by it for a while because my hope and prayer was that they would not change. But God has shown me that it is the natural progression for the priorities of married couples to change and I now understand that and I am OK.

Let’s be honest, I am walking a very different way with God than the other women in my church and that’s just God’s plan. Yes, someday I will be married. Yes, someday I will have children. Right now, I am single and planning for law school. That is a 4-4 1/2 year commitment on my part. My hope for what I can do with that degree will not be conducive to a relationship right away unless, of course, God changes that. In 6 years, I may not even live in the same city or state that I do now. I’m OK with all of this. It of course means that I will need to learn how to manage my time better.

OK, God, whatever you need to do to bring Your Glory.

On another note, I have been following Angie on her blog the past couple of days, trying to catch up from the beginning of her and Audrey Caroline’s story. I vaguely mentioned her in my post a few days ago. She is a beautiful, imperfect Christian woman with a beautiful family and a God-written story. I only hope that I can emulate God the way she does. She doesn’t know that I am mentioning her blog as I have yet to contact her myself but I would encourage you to check out her blog. She is also a part of (in)courage, which is a new website for Christian woman developed by DaySpring (the Christian division of Hallmark). I checked it out a couple of days ago. There is a link to their website on Angie’s blog so check that out too!

Well, that’s all for today.



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