Burden… Desire… Longsuffering… I want THAT….

Yep, you heard (or read) me right.

I want to know what it’s like to be desperate for the things of God.

I want to know God in such a way that when I hear His Voice, I know it.

Because there are days when I think I hear His Voice, but I question whether or not I truly heard Him.

I desire to be burdened with a life that is completely sold out to the purpose of God in my life. I don’t believe that I will be in “traditional” ministry. I’m not called to be a part of the worship team in my church. I do teach a Sunday School class but I’m not called to be the youth pastor at my church either.

I want Christ to be all anyone sees when they see me. (Or at the very least they see that I’m not like the rest of the world.)

I want to know what it’s like to be truly patient for God’s timing but also to be bold enough to step out in faith to walk the path that God has called me to. THAT scares me.

I desire to be brave enough to let go of all of my insecurities so that I can truly know who I am in God.

holy experience
This week I praise God for:

11. A weekly Bible study with friends (including my pastor and his wife) that encourages and pushes (in a good way) us all to desire a deeper relationship with God (not just more knowledge of Him)
12. Friends who encourage you to call out sick to your 2nd job you are quitting anyway
13. Laughter
14. Married friends encouraging single friends

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend.



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