What have I gotten myself into?

So I went into work on Monday getting ready to give my notice and instead…

I just cut my hours down to one night a week…


I am such a sucker.

Oh well, at least it’s a Monday or Tuesday night and I have my weekends free. However, after reading two posts from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee (here and here), I really would like to find a way to slow down… let go of stuff… that causes me to be busy, to always be in a rush. Angie from Bring the Rain wrote a great post at (in)courage about removing the “hurry” from our lives.

Today, Sarah at Best Days of My Life wrote about Hearing and having just one hour of quiet…

Every single one of these posts has hit home with me… Most days I feel I am not doing enough reading or praying or works for the Kingdom but then I get home and my hours are filled with checking my email or getting caught up in one project or another… or working a second job.

Yeah… “Great job, Jen” is usually the criticism that I hear.

I see what people who are constantly on the go are like though. They are always rushing to get things done and the work they do is sloppy. I see this on a daily basis because that is how one of the attorneys I work for works.

So I am going to make the conscious effort to

shut off the TV at night

not work so many hours at my night job

make the time to sit and read and pray (even if that means getting out of my house to do it)

create a space at home where I can sit and read and pray without distraction

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this?



2 responses to “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for link love…

    As for slowing down, man, I’m with you! It can be so hard sometimes…even when I want to slow down, sometimes I can’t seem to make myself. Anyway, my suggestion is lose the TV (except for movies). This helped us greatly!


    • I am definitely going to try to get rid of the cable box… Hopefully it will help! Thanks for the encouragement and the comment. I am definitely a “fan” of your blog. i always enjoy what you write.


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