Amazing How He Knows Just What We Need…

I had such a great weekend and it was so needed after the week I had at work.

A little background on my work situation…. In the Spring of 2006, I decided to go back to school. I decided on Business Management with a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Then, by the end of my first semester I found out they had a Legal Studies program and I would still receive my Certificate in Paralegal Studies. The Legal Studies program would help me to prepare for law school so I changed majors. At the time I was working in customer service but in the Spring of 2007, I found a job in a small law firm where I worked for about 1 year. After what I saw were “ethical issues” occurring in the office, I felt that it was time to leave and in May of 2008, I left there to work in my current job as a receptionist with the opportunity to move into a paralegal position since there was a paralegal who was planning on retiring. She retired in November of last year and I just recently started training for a paralegal position in our real estate department.

Since the summer, it has been a struggle to get one of the attorneys on board to allow me to train. His wife was a paralegal about 15-20 years ago and she has been a stay-at-home mom who worked as an editor for a small magazine from home for the last few years. She lost her job with them in the spring and since then had been coming in to the office to help out with this particular attorneys real estate files. She was not getting paid through the office. However, her husband wanted her to be hired but was outvoted because they had promised to train and promote me.

I’ve dealt with quite a bit because of it and not always with grace. There has been a lot of back biting and some directed toward me. What has hurt me the most in this situation is that because this attorney has been so determined to get his wife in here as an employee, he automatically does not believe that I can do the job.

Over the last few months and especially in the last 2-3 weeks, this has caused a lot of tension in our office.

However, last weekend, God gave me just what I needed to refocus (hopefully) on Him.

After working late Friday night, I went to my friend, Heather and Andy’s, house to spend the night since we were getting up extra early to go to a seminar on Prophetic Evangelism in New Hampshire on Saturday.

The seminar was from 9-5 and it was really great. It was an awesome refresher on what the prophetic is supposed to be and also a great way for those of us who are not always so bold in the Lord, to get a chance to be. There was great fellowship, too, and new connections were made with other believers.

The best part of the day though was when we had dinner with the Associate Pastor of the church where the seminar was held and his family. We played Wii too! All in all, great day but very long.

Sunday was almost a typical Sunday except for the store meeting I had to go to in the morning for the Gap. After doing some sessions to refresh us on selling and getting us up to date on the holiday merch, we had to make a youtube video for a contest. The store whose video gets the most hits wins $200 for the store. 🙂 So, here’s the video we created. Make sure you stop by youtube once a day to help us get more hits!


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