My Goals for this Year

My friend in real life, Danielle, blogs over at TREESLIKEGIANTS, and her post this morning was about her addiction to lists (her words). I like lists myself. However, sometimes I feel like I need them written down EVERYWHERE for them to be useful for me. I must admit, for someone who loves facebook and my blog, I also LOVE writing in a journal with pen and paper. (Preferably blue ink, too.)

In her post for today, she blogged about her new monthly list. I think its a great idea and probably better than my idea back at the beginning of the year for a goal list for the WHOLE year. Here is my Goals for 2009 list:

  1. Manage my time and money better. (I wasn’t so successful at this but I’m still working on it.)
  2. Become more focused in my studies – as of January, I had 3 courses left to take and I’m almost finished with one. (Completed. I graduated in May of this year Cum Laude!)
  3. Create that desire in myself to read His Word. I also need to learn a good method for myself when it comes to studying the Bible. (Still working on this.)
  4. Go to China! (this is becoming more and more of a reality for me.) (Yaay! I got to go and not with some resistance from my family. It was an amazing journey and I can not wait to go back.)
  5. Mail care packages to the 163rd Intelligence Battalion on a regular basis. (My cousin’s husband is the chaplain assigned to them.) (Did not complete this. My cousin’s husband is now back on US soil. He came home to Ft. Hood on Monday only to have to deal with yesterday’s tragedy.)
  6. Become more confident in Him. (This is something I am working on daily. I hope I never stop working on this.)
  7. Become more discerning about which situations are right for me to be bold in Him. (This past year I learned the art of keeping my mouth shut when it wasn’t necessary for me to speak so now, I need to learn how to notice when being bold is necessary.) (Again, this is a daily thing. I will continue to work on this.)
  8. Finish what I start. I always seem to have a problem finishing things – a book, a blog post, etc. I need to learn the art of the “follow through”, hence goal #5. (Daily thing. Always working on bettering myself. My current project is a scrapbook for my friends for their wedding present. Their wedding was in August and I am almost finished! I’m praying to complete it before Christmas. Lol.)

I’m not sure what I will do about a Goals for 2009 list. We’ll see but go check out Danielle’s blog and tell I said Hi. 🙂

Love you Danielle and miss you lots!



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