Thankful Thankful

holy experience
It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on a Multitude Monday post. I noticed though that this week, the things/people/etc. that I am thankful for, aren’t always the happy, joyous ocassions.

15. Cleansing tears and the comforting touch of a friend.
16. The tight squeeze of little hands around your neck.
17. A sleeping baby in your arms.
18. The overwhelming presence of God that causes the cleansing tears.
19. The heartache and praise to God of a single woman.
20. Knowing that God has you right where He needs you to be.
21. A church that really just isn’t a church, but a family.

This weekend was an emotional, God-filled weekend. Although, all my days should be God-filled, I know that there are days when the stuff of this world take over. This is probably the reason why I constantly tote a Bible around with me, even if I might not get to read more than one or two verses, if at all.

Lately, I’ve also been reading a book, Treasured: Knowing God by the Things He Keeps. It is by Leigh McLeroy. Leigh has written a few other books, one titled The Beautiful Ache, which is probably one of my favorites. I absolutely love how she takes situations in the natural and brings them all to the same conclusion – we all search out these temporal things and ideals when really, they all lead to a desire for a relationship with God. This new book, Treasured, is based on what God would keep if He had a trunk or an old cigar box that he kept treasured items in and what that would say about Him. What could we glean from that? It’s pretty awesome, I think.

I’ve also been attempting to teach myself to crochet. My mom has tried to teach me in the past without success. I think it is partly to do with the fact that I am the only lefty in my immediate family. I was going to attempt a hat as my first project but I decided on a scarf to be my first attempt. It is easier to work in a straight line then in the round. So far so good. I’ll post a picture when I am done with the scarf.



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