Treasured – A Review and New Posts to Come

In Monday’s post, I mentioned that I was reading the new book by Leigh McLeroy, Treasured. I just finished reading it and I absolutely loved it. Instead of trying (poorly) to describe what this book is about, here is what is on the back of the book:

Cigar boxes. Refrigerator doors. Scrapbooks and sock drawers and top shelves. These are the places we store our treasures – the keepsakes that tell the story of whom and what we’ve loved, how we’ve lived, and what matters most to us.
God is a collector, too, whose treasures are tucked securely into the pages of His book: a golden bell here, an olive leaf there, a scarlet thread, a blood-stained cloth, a few grains of barley. Each of these saved artifacts reveals a facet of His heart and tells the story of a Father whose most precious possession is… us.
In Treasured, Leigh McLeroy considers tangible reminders of God’s active presence and guides us in discovering evidence in our own lives of His attentive love.

Talk about a great concept for a book! I really did love the idea of asking the question of “If God had a cigar box/treasure box/etc. where He could keep His treasures, what would He keep?” So simple. It definitely tugged at my heart strings. It has also convicted me a little in how I’ve been lately. I’ve been quiet here and quiet in my walk with God. I’m questioning what I’m supposed to do. I’ve been condemning myself this week because I don’t read enough, don’t pray enough, I have a difficult time fasting (body is just not conditioned for it). But that is for another post.

At that end of Treasured, there is a “Personal Reflection and Group Discussion Guide” section. I am using it for a series of posts on the blog. There are 12 parts that correspond to 12 chapters in the book. Each part will be a different post. Here are the 12 different sections:

  1. The God Who Covers Me
  2. The God of New Beginnings
  3. The God Who Sees
  4. The God Who Provides
  5. The God with a Bigger Plan
  6. The God Who Defeats Death
  7. The God of Show and Tell
  8. The God Who Includes
  9. The God Who Speaks
  10. The God Who Gleans Joy From Sorrow
  11. The God of the Little Guy
  12. The God Who Writes on Hearts

I will post on “The God Who Covers Me” in the next day or so. This weekend is going to be a little busy – we have Pioneer Valley House of Prayer tomorrow night, Bible study and fellowship on Saturday as well as my daddy’s birthday (he’s turning 60 on Saturday). So, hopefully, I can spend some time somewhere in there to post.

Until then,

P.S. I recommend picking up Treasured and also, if you have read Leigh’s other books but you don’t get her weekly emails called Wednesday Words, I would suggest going here and signing up for them. Great insights but I all around enjoy anything that Leigh writes so I’m biased.

{Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for this post, I just really enjoyed the book and want others to also read and enjoy this book as well.}


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