Christmas Change

A couple of weeks ago, I became aware of a community of people called Christmas Change. The basic premise is this:

Give more and spend less.

The idea is to take a percentage of the money you would normally spend on buying gifts for those who have much and give it to those who need. I know that I complain sometimes about how much money I don’t make and that I wished I made more but in all reality, I have everything I need.

This year when my mother asked my sister and I to make our Christmas wish list (mine is a combo Birthday/Christmas since my Birthday is this Thursday), I couldn’t really think of much that I needed or wanted. Sure, new clothes would be great. Or a new laptop. I do need an external hard drive with all the music and pictures I have that I want to back up. My list is short. Much shorter than years past.

Then of course there is the difficulty of trying to buy for my parents. Mom wants a new rain coat so Sister and I are going to make that purchase. Sister has a looooooong list of books and CDs that she would like. Dad on the other hand is much harder to buy for. He’s the person who will buy for himself when he has the money. So the other day I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. His response was what I was expecting – a gift card to Home Depot. Or…. I could make a donation to a Veteran’s charity in his name.

This year, I think I will leave the Home Depot gift cards to Sister and Mom…

THEN yesterday during service, one of the women at our church brought before our church the “giving tree.” We have done it in the past. The concept is simple but profound. The MSPCC (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) asks parents and children what the child needs/wants for Christmas. Then, the MSPCC will give those names to people who will put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments with the child’s name, age and Christmas wish. Next, those who take a name will purchase one of the items or all of the items for this child, bring it back to the tree (wrapped of course!) and whomever is in charge of the tree will deliver the gifts to the MSPCC so that they can be delivered to the child in time for Christmas.

Angel, I hope you like the warm clothes you’ll be getting!

Now, I am not posting this to make me feel better about myself or to bring recognition to ME but to bring to light the idea of Christmas Change to more people in hopes that more people will jump on the idea. I know that my friend and Sister in the Lord, Heather, and her husband, Andy, are getting together with his family and pooling together some money to bring to the Ronald McDonald House in Boston, MA. Their niece has cancer and has been receiving treatment at the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House has done much for the family. (They even put Heather and Andy up at during their honeymoon when they cut it short to be with the family.)

Here is a short video from Christmas Change with the basic idea:

Christmas Change from Kujilana on Vimeo.

We may not always agree with what the government does in this country but we have much to be thankful and grateful for. The least many of us can do is use some of the money that would normally be spent on gifts that will be quickly forgotten by January 31 and give it to others who are in need.

Abundant Blessings,



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