Tomorrow is My Birthday…

And every… single… year I wonder how it happens. I mean, how did the last 11 months fly by so fast? I swear yesterday we were just in August and Heather and Andy were getting married!

So much has happened since last Dec. 3:

  1. I moved out of my house back to my parents house
  2. I finished my classes for my bachelor’s degree
  3. I made the trek to China(!)
  4. I graduated from college with honors (!)
  5. Ashley & Matt got married
  6. Heather & Andy got married
  7. Sovany & Ed are pregnant
  8. Heather & Andy are pregnant

I’m sure there is more but those are the highlights. Well, I’m off for now. I have a PVHOP meeting to get to and a few errands to run before heading over the CLF. I’ll post again tomorrow on my thoughts on birthdays.



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