Didn’t Seem to Matter…

Sunday I was planning on posting about something that now no longer seems to be significant anymore. Like many, I have a facebook page and I am a fan of people, bands, movies, etc. One of the pages I am a fan of is called the Bible and it was started by a pastor. Over the weekend, his page was attacked by nonbelievers. I was going to rant on my blog about it that day, however, I had only created a draft post and by yesterday afternoon, it just didn’t seem to matter when I checked my facebook feed to find out that a girl I was best friends with in elementary school was diagnosed with cancer.


She’s only 27. She’s smart and pretty and can sing beautifully.

I was shocked.

I haven’t really talked to her much since we graduated high school but she will always have a place in my heart.

Please pray for her. She is going into surgery on December 17th to have her thyroid removed.





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