Foot. In. Mouth. Syndrome.

I used to be afflicted with this condition frequently until about 2 years ago. At that time, I felt that God was calling me to learn the principle of slow to speak, quick to listen.

I had to learn when to say something and to listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me to say in certain situations. It definitely made me realize that there are times when I just should not say anything.

I sort of wish it had stuck with me tonight…

I was out for a little while with some friends at a local pool hall playing billiards. We were playing teams and I was paired up with Trav. The last game I played with Trav was against Damien and his friend, Eric, who is moving back home from living in North Dakota.

We laughed. It was a good time. Everyone picked on me, including myself. (It’s easy when I’m 4’11” and the cue stick is almost as tall as I am.) After the game, Eric left. And as we were saying good-bye, I was saying how it was nice to meet him, etc., and next thing I know, the words, “Maybe we can hang out again sometime” come right out of my mouth. Ugh.

I couldn’t believe I said it. It’s not like I didn’t mean it, I’m just not sure I meant it the way it came out. Of course, I’m not sure if anyone else heard it and even if they didn’t, I’m sure that our mutual friend might hear about it…

Ugh. Again.

Has this happened to you recently? How did you handle it?


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