So You Think You Can Dance

UPDATE 1/2/2010: The link below will now work. I found another upload of the performance on YouTube by someone else.

UPDATE 12/18: The video I posted below was actually taken down from Youtube due to copyright infringement. I am currently trying to find another video of the dance. I will update again to let you know the progress.

I have to admit that I am a BIG fan of So You Think You Can Dance. It has a lot to do with the fact that I danced when I was younger. I absolutely loved how I felt when I danced on stage. There was nothing like it… except for when you are in the presence of God but I didn’t know Him back then.

I don’t have too many regrets because I have forgiven myself for my past. I have accepted it as a part of the journey that got me to where I was in October 2005 that brought me to God. But, I do regret not being more serious about dancing because I enjoyed it so much. I think I know how David felt when he would dance before God…

Anyway, so back to my favorite show, really one of very few that I like to watch. The video below is of one of my three favorite performances of the season. It was from the beginning of the season, the first or second week. They don’t show it here, but the choreographer says that it is a piece about fear. I think that is why it really moved me because I’ve been gripped by fear before. Fear has had a death grip on me before but no more. I won’t let it have any hold on me because I am a child of God. I am an heir to His Kingdom and as such I should not fear anything. He has not called me to be fearful but to lean on Him. This may sound odd but my favorite part is the end… You’ll see why.

I pray this blesses someone. On one of the ‘elimination’ shows, Kathryn was in the bottom three and had to dance a solo. That week she danced to “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon and she said that it must have happened for a reason because someone watching that night had to see her performance. (The next week she performed her solo to “Shadowfeet” by Brook Fraser so I think the girl just has really good taste in music but that’s just my opinion.) Well, the night this dance was performed, I needed to see it and maybe you need to see it, too.




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