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I know that is a strange title for a post but I’m actually really excited about this… I was reading Lindsey Noble’s blog today (go here for the post) and she was discussing some of the new things going on at Thomas Nelson, where she works. One of them is BookSneeze! It is a blogger book review site. (It’s really simple to sign up too.) Once you have an account with them you can request that the publisher send you one of the books available for review. Then they mail you the book – for free! Yep. FREE. And the best part… the book is yours to keep (or do whatever you wish). All you have to do is review the book on your blog and on a retailer’s website (Amazon, B&N, CBD, etc.). Then, post your review to the BookSneeze website and you can request another book.

I love to read so this is really going to be fun for me.

I can just see it now, too. I’ll be that woman when I’m really old who has a huge library of books! 😀 That, my friends, is sort of exciting to me. (Hey, I warned you I’m a little strange.)

Anyway, if you like to read and you like to review books and you have a blog, go check out the BookSneeze website.

Once I get going on these reviews, I will link them all under the BookSneeze page here on the blog. You will also be able to find my reviews under the BookSneeze category too! Well, I better get back to work. 🙂

Be Blessed today.


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