God Ideas Part 2

A few days ago I wrote a post called “God Ideas.” Now that we have had our meeting and we have spoken to our church leadership, I am going to tell you what is going on.

First, a little background:

I attend a small church and by small, I mean that there is roughly 100 members who regularly attend (including children).

We are more family in some respects that just a congregation.

So, in the past 2-3 years our youth ministry has lost its original leaders, Sister Irene and Brother Danny. They are elders in the church and took the helm of our youth ministry for many years. However, what has happened is there was a big gap in the age of those of us who are now in our mid- to late-twenties and those who are now high school age and who would be in our youth ‘group.’ Also, Sister Irene and Brother Danny no longer felt called to youth ministry. And that it was just for a season.

So, last year, in the interim – until someone felt the calling to take it up because we don’t have a large enough congregation to hire a youth pastor, although as I say that, I don’t believe my pastor would hire someone from outside our church anyway, but I could be wrong – our pastor’s son, Tim, and his wife, Sandra, took the helm of the high school age youth group. So, needless to say, we have had some youth ministry in our church but you can tell the kids aren’t getting anything out of it except a good time.

That is why 6 of us ‘young adults’ (to be honest, I’m not sure how much long we can call ourselves ‘young adults’ save for a few of us since most of us are hovering around 30) met on Friday night to discuss taking on the youth group permanently. (There is another young married couple that I believe will be joining us but they were unable to meet on Friday night.)

Of the 8 total that would be involved with the youth at my church, there are 3 married couples – 1 that has 2 young children and the other 2 are both pregnant with their first child – and two singles – myself and my friend, Damien (just a friend people. He’s dating our mutual friend, Amanda). We all have a heart for youth. I especially have a heart for the young girls. We are all committed.

Yet only two of the eight have any experience in youth ministry.

None of us have graduated from Bible school or Bible college.

I’ve been approached by someone we are affiliated with from Blue Ridge Bible College to consider attending their school. However, I’m not 100% sure that is the direction God wants me to go in. To be honest, I think I am getting a pretty good education in the ‘School of Life.’ Not to say that going to Bible college is bad or wrong, just not right for me.

Now for my prayer request…

I would ask that you would pray for us. First, that as we pray for God’s direction that we would hear Him clearly. Second, that when we come together to meet again that we can come to an agreement on where to go from here.

If any of you have any experience with youth ministry, any advice you can give would be most appreciated.




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