When New England Prays

The video above was posted last month (I’m going to interject quickly that I can’t believe it’s already March but that is a whole other post) by JHOP Boston. We (collectively PVHOP) have come to know them through gathering together in prayer over the last year and a half. Darrell and Bethany Temple lead JHOP Boston. (Click here for their about page.)

On March 1, a group (not quite sure how many at this point) of people allover New England are coming together to fast and pray for 40 Days for an awakening of the Holy Spirit in New England and also a simultaneous 40 Day fast on college campuses around the nation for students. There are many things that are changing locally, regionally and nationally. I could try to put all of the reasons people are in prayer and fasting for these 40 days but it may not do it justice.

I will not mention whether or not I am fasting because, as the bible says, we should not announce that we are fasting as it gives glory to the person fasting and not to God but, I will say that I am committed to praying with them because I believe that praying for the college students and for the spiritual condition of this region I live in and love is a worthy reason to spend 1 hour a day in prayer.


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