The past 2 Thursday night services and yesterday has had me thinking about Jesus’ sacrifice.

He sacrificed everything for us. He gave His life for you and me.

What am I (any one of us, really) willing to sacrifice for Him?

For many people, God has blessed us with jobs and homes and the ability to buy just about anything we want because we live in a county where just about anything you can imagine is available to us. (If you can’t find it locally, all you need to do is go online and google it.) It’s ok to have all of these things but what if these things become idols that we value more than we value our relationship with God?

Would be willing to give them up so that we could grow in our relationship with God?

One point that has been made recently by a pastor that I know is that there is a mentality in the Church as a whole when it comes to fighting for the moral core of this country.

Are we fighting so that we can continue to live in our comfortable Christianity or are we fighting to restore a Biblical worldview back to our country?

For me, it wasn’t something God has blessed me with but my heart’s desire.

I’ve discussed my desire to be married and have a family more than once here but this weekend I became convicted about that desire because it has become an idol for me.

I am beginning to see that it was becoming more important that my relationship with God. I know that he will give me the desires of my heart – after I seek His kingdom first.

So, I’ve had to consider the question:

Am I willing to sacrifice my desire to be married if that’s what it took to grow in my relationship with God?

Would I give up the idea of a human relationship that mirrors my relationship with Him – for Him?

Yes. (Really, it’s more like, “Well, alright. If You want me to.” Now. I’m working on getting to a definitive “Yes.” It won’t happen over night though. I must be patient with my heart and mind.)


Because I don’t want to be married unless it’s a Godly relationship. For ME, unless God is part of the marriage, it’s not worth it. So if God asked me to give up the dream, I would have to say OK and pray that it is only for a season. I know that no matter what God has my best interests at heart.

So I’m going to ask the question:

What are you willing to sacrifice? Is it something you’ve been blessed with that has become an idol? Is it a desire of your heart?


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