Out of sorts

That’s how I’ve been feeling today and yesterday.

Not sure what it’s from but today I missed a meeting that I never miss. And rarely forget for that matter. And if I do forget about, I usually remember in time to make it or be a few minutes late.

I almost feel like I did when I came home from China.

I’m changing in a way that is different from other people in my sphere of influence. And that isn’t always bad. But it is awkward.

It’s uncomfortable. But that’s when God does His best work in us. On Sunday during church service, that’s exactly what I got out of it. That is what I believe God is doing with me now.

With Tread on Trafficking. With my relationship with Him. My relationships with others.

I have to take the awkward, allow God to use it to work in me and then pour out what He has given me into the lives of others. Because when I pour God into someone else’s life, He will give me fresh oil, new revelation.

I pray that what I write here pours His goodness into the lives of others. That what I go through helps someone else to seek Him. To pour out their revelation of God into the life of another.

That is my prayer for me and for you.


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