National Day of Prayer

Today, May 6th, is the National Day of Prayer here in the United States. It is the 59th annual National Day of Prayer. On the National Day of Prayer website, you can watch a live webcast from Washington, D.C. from 9 a.m. to noon.

If you have DirecTV or cable or satellite provider that has the GodTV channel, you can watch from your home television.

Today, my prayer is for our leadership regardless of whether or not I agree with who is in charge or how they govern my city/county/state/nation. God placed them in a position of power for a reason. I pray that they will find a relationship with God and good Godly counsel. That they will go to God for counsel on the hard things. That they will use Godly discernment in the people they place around them and that if there are those who need to be replaced, that God will bring in the right people.

Lord, I thank You for this nation. Thank You for blessing this nation as You have. Lord, I pray that this nation will again turn to You. That we will turn from our wicked ways, repent and seek Your face and that You will heal this land (2Chronicles 7:14). Lord, I pray that I will continue to seek Your desire for my life. Lord, lead me, guide me. I am not worthy of Your love but you still chose to love me and I thank You for taking me out of the pit of hell that you found me in. In the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

What is your prayer today?


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