National Day of Encouragement

Today, September 12th is the National Day of Encouragement.

On September 1, (in)courage posted a blog that gave everyone the opportunity to receive a free pack of 10 cards from their new Hope and Encouragement series. In return, anyone who received the cards was asked to use at least one of the cards to encourage someone today. Then they asked if  we would either post one of the stories to the comment section of their blog post for today or write a post on our own blog and then link up to their blog.

(Please overlook the mess that is my desk.)

Here are some of the cards from the pack. All of the cards are really beautiful. The paper they are printed on has a really nice texture and the graphics are really nice too. And, of course, the messages on the cards are spot on, I think.

One of the cards I used was for a friend who in the last 2 years has lost her father, her son and has dealt with a lot of trying and testing through her family. (It is not my story so that is as much as I will share.)

I could sense that she was struggling with some of these issues and I immediately felt that this ^ card would be perfect for her. Because she is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve but she also will be strong for everyone around her. She is a beautiful soul and spirit. And she handles everything so beautifully that I knew she needed to hear that we all see it too.

Of course, it made her cry. But it was exactly what she needed to hear. And I’m so glad that God directed me to give that card to her.


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