Blue Like Jazz Movie

I am sure by now that some, if not all, of you (the 10 people who read this little blog) have heard about the book Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller. He has also written other books such as Searching for God Knows What, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, To Own and Dragon and Through Painted Deserts.

I have read Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (thanks to Sarah Markley’s recommendation on her blog) and was changed.

A Million Miles is the story about the making of BLJ into a screenplay and then into a movie. Until this past September, they were in the process of raising money to fund the production of the movie when everything came to a standstill (go here for the blog post Don Miller wrote on his blog).

That’s when Zach Prichard and Jonathan Frazier decided that they would try to save the movie by starting fundraising themselves with the website, Save Blue Like Jazz. They created an account on to raise the funds.

The original goal was $125,000.00 by October 25 but as of right now, the grand total that has been raised is $210,170.00 (at 8:55 a.m. on Saturday, October 23).

Now, to tell you how these books have affected me are 2 different posts (I would have to dedicate one to each book), but I will say this, I am constantly asking myself if I am living a good story and what I can do to change the course of the story I am currently on to match that of the story that God has laid out for my life because I truly believe that God has a story for all of us to live out – we just need to be willing to search that story out.

I am writing this post to ask you to give if you have not already given to the movie. I think for a movie like this to come out in the theaters will affect more people than any one of us could imagine because I think this book has affected more people – Christians and non-Christians, alike – than anyone knows.

I, myself, have given to the movie so if you look on page 52 of the backers list, you’ll find my name.

If you go here, Don Miller has posted a video on his blog to let you know how much this fund-raising push has changed some of the people involved in the movie. Now, I know my little blog doesn’t always get a lot of traffic, but I’m hoping that those who come across my little corner of the blogosphere will read this blog and if you’ve read Blue Like Jazz, too, and you want to see this movie made, just donate one $1 if that is all you can. History is being made through this movie already just by how the funds have been raised.

Become part of history today! You only have until midnight EST on October 25 to donate. (That’s 9 p.m. PST)


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