My Pictures

I love photography. I love how you can tell a story through one frame. Here is just a few of my favorite shots I’ve taken. All of my pictures are taken with either a Nikon P4 point and shoot or a D40. Also, in the last year I have started to shoot weddings as a second shooter with R.L. Photography. Ron, who owns R.L. Photography has been a friend for the last 5+ years and is a wonderful brother in Christ.

This is a picture of a lily from a bouquet of flowers that was sent to me at work.

This was taken from on top of Skinner Mountain in Hadley, MA.


Cyn's daughter, Olivia, and one of her favorite fruits! (taken in the summer of 2009)

Heather & Pooh Bear! (taken in 2010)

Jay-so and a Cup o' Joe (taken in 2010)


One of my favorite pictures taken at wedding I shot as second shooter for R.L. Photography. (summer 2010)



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