Blogs I Recently "Found"

I love reading blogs written by other Godly women (well, really, I just like reading blogs written by women in general but my favorites are written by Godly women). It’s encouraging and inspiring. I have so much going on that sometimes I don’t feel like I have the time to write on my blog, but then I read the blogs of these women and a good portion of them are married w/ children. Also, sometimes I think that my blogs come off as angry when really I’m just passionate about what I believe and when I see an injustice, I feel the need to write in response. (If any of you knew me when I was younger, you would realize that this is a much better way for me to release.) Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick note about the next two blogs because I think they are worth reading.

The first is a blog titled At The Well… In Pursuit of Titus 2. It is written by a group of women who want to encourage each other in the Lord. As their title suggests, they are pursuing becoming like the woman described in Titus 2:1-5. As of Monday they will be at a new website so check them out. 🙂

At the Well Blog Button

The next blog is written by one of the contributors to At The Well. Her name is Sarah Mae and the first time I read anything she wrote was one of her guest posts at Empowered Traditionalist. She writes wonderfully about becoming a Godly woman and encouraging other Godly women at her blog called Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. Again, I recommend checking her out.

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee

For the women at At the Well and Sarah Mae, I encourage you to continue what you are doing. The Church needs more women like you to encourage the younger women to become like the woman in Titus 2 and also the virtuous woman in Proverbs.

(To go to either of the blogs I mentioned above, just click on the button.)

Blessings to all,


P.S. This weekend I will be at the Fire and Fragrance Conference at Gateway Christian Fellowship in New Haven CT. Also, the New England Alliance, a group of churches and pastors in the New England area are hosting a Fifth Friday Prayer gathering. This particular prayer gathering will only occur once every 4 months or so. The next will be in May. Check out their website to find out where the closest Fifth Friday Prayer gathering is going to be near you if you are in the New England area.


25 More Random Things

So, I got bored and decided to post another 25 random things… What can I say? There isn’t much going on here @ the office.

1. I have wonderful, supportive parents who have always encouraged me to find my own path, even when it wasn’t what they expected or planned for me.
2. I have a large extended family on my father’s side and thanks to facebook, I am getting to know some of them for the first time.
3. I always believed in a higher power but it wasn’t until going through a very unhealthy relationship in the summer of 2005 that I realized God was calling me to walk with Him.
4. I was always that girl who had a lot of guy friends and very few girlfriends, until now. My girlfriends are like my sisters.
5. I have one sister who is younger that I am very proud of. She has a bachelor’s degree and a good job. More than that, she has an amazing heart.
6. I feel called to go to China this spring and I am praying God will make a way for me to come up with the $2000 I need to go.
7. My heart is in Ireland and I would love to go – and bring my mama with me!
8. I finally got my passport this year.
9. When I love, I love with all that I am so when my heart is broken, it’s like a tornado came through and ripped my heart to shreds (yes, it’s dramatic, I know, but very true. ask my mom how she dealt with me when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend 5 years ago.)
10. Because of #9, I am very cautious of who I allow to get close to me and why I am waiting on God to reveal my husband to me. It’s a learning process that I am currently going through and I am stumble, but with God’s help, I will always get back up.
11. With 24+ first cousins, I have a lot of 2nd cousins and some of them are my age!
12. The desire of my heart is to be married, have children, and work even if it’s just part time. I would love to be a stay at home mom but I’m not sure I could stand being at home day in and day out.
13. I love photography and I would like to be able to take more pictures but school has take up a lot of my time. Hopefully when I finish my courses, I will be able to do that.
14. I like to scrapbook. My life is amazing and I want to make sure I have something to show my kids and grandkids someday.
16. I enjoy watching “old” movies like “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade.” I love the clothes!
17. My idea of the perfect wedding has changed over the last year partly because of watching friends planning their own weddings.
18. I don’t have many close friends from high school but the ones I do are the people I have known forever.
19. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. Or a dancer.
20. I love God and what He has done in my life.
21. I am moving back to my parent’s house after living “on my own” for a 1 1/2 years. It’s bittersweet but all God, no matter how much I question or complain.
22. I enjoy it when a man has an accent – Southern drawl, Irish, English, Australian are my favorites.
23. I have contemplated going to law school but my #1 choice school isn’t Harvard or Yale but a Christian based school in Virginia with a law school that is only 5 years old.
24. Most people know I have tattoos but not many have seen them. I am thinking about getting another one.
25. I love music. It’s the one thing that can change my mood.

Going to China this April!

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, until the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

In this Scripture, God is calling each of his Children to make disciples of those we meet, though not all of God’s Children are called to the mission field in other countries. Sometimes our mission field is our own home. Regardless of where your mission field is, we are all called to the Great Commission.

For the next few months I will be involved with something I would like to share with you. I have volunteered to go on a mission trip to China April 14-26, 2009. I will be joining a team with Zimmer Foundation for China (ZF). It will be a pleasure to share skills and techniques in my own work with these people. Each of us has also been asked to prepare ourselves for this trip with prayer and study of Chinese history and current events.

In the planned Zimmer orientation meetings we will cover topics such as cultural sensitivities, political realities, and possibilities for evangelism and personal witnessing and general preparation for overseas work. We seek the Lord’s guidance for our trip. We realize we are in the Lord’s hands and expectantly wait what He has in store for us during this trip. The members of the team will include Christian professionals from across the USA.
The Zimmer Foundation for China is a non-profit organization established to implement holistic programs to improve the economic and spiritual conditions in rural Guizhou. It is a US 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization established in memory of Rev. & Mrs. Gerald Zimmer who served in China 1936-1948. The Foundation relies on a wide network of volunteers in many cities and states in the United States for its fund raising, project selection and activity coordination. More about Zimmer Foundation can be found at their website

The April 2009 the team will go to Tongren prefecture, Guizhou, an area of 4 million people that live in remote villages and outlaying areas. The average annual earning is less than $120. Worst yet, many of these people have not heard the Word. We hope to share about Jesus when given the opportunity.

The officials invited us to share our English conversation and cultural exchange working side by side with educational officials and students during a ten day period. We will meet students financially supported by supporters of Zimmer Foundation from the near by villages. The University scholarship students supported by ZF will serve as our translators for they know Mandarin and the local dialect.
On Sunday we will worship in a small church originally founded by Rev. Zimmer.

Would you pray that those involved, including me, will be stretched in our spiritual growth and experience new avenues of trusting the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom with these witness opportunities in China? Much time has been spent already in preparation, in prayer and with monthly meetings. I am asking you to pray for me. April 14-26, 2009 is the trip. Mark it down on your calendar. This is asking for a lot. Financial support is important. Each of the participants is asked to raise their own funds before March 1 to cover the expenses of $2,000. If you are so led, you may contribute to this need by sending a check for $25, $50, or more to “Zimmer Foundation for China” designated for me. Send it to Zimmer Foundation for China, 47 Spring Hill Road, Belchertown, MA 01007 or myself. The tax deductible check must be made out to Zimmer Foundation for China and the entire amount will go toward my expenses.

Would you take the time now to let me know of your support? I thank you a head of time for your prayers. Your prayers are most important. My goal is to have twenty prayer partners.



Ok so this may be cheating…

I actually posted this two weeks ago on my facebook page but thought it might be interesting to post it here. I posted a similar blog in the fall with only 7 random facts but I have 25 here. Don’t worry though I won’t make anyone repost!

1) I am the oldest and I only have one biological sister
2) I consider Heather, Ashley, Pariesa, Sovany and other women in my church my spiritual sisters
3) I gave my heart to the Lord over 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since
4) I have a large extended family on my dad’s side but very little family on my mom’s side
5) I love my church family and am very blessed by each and every one of them even though I don’t always get to talk to them or spend time with them
6) I am blessed to have wonderful parents although there were a few rough years when I was younger and even though I’m not sure they understand the life I’m living but they support me no matter what
7) I will graduate in May with a BA in Legal Studies
8) I am praying that I can go to China this April for a 10 day mission trip but if I don’t get to go then, I’ll be planning to go in October
9) I love to read. Right now I am reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and Kiss by Todd Dekker & Erin Healy.
10) I have a list of things I want to accomplish this year and one of them is to study the Bible more frequently
11) I like to scrapbook but I haven’t been able to do it in a while so I’m behind in putting together some pages
12) Someday I want to go to Ireland
13) I want to have kids someday – biologically and by adopting. Not sure how many but 3 seems to be a good number 🙂
14) I am single and although all of my friends are getting married and I want to get married myself, I know right now is not the right time.
15) I don’t like people to make a big deal about my birthday. Really all I would like is for someone to ask me what I would like to do instead of just trying to surprise me cuz I really dislike surprises.
16) I’ve never traveled outside the US
17) I am a very trusting person – sometimes to a fault
18) I’m also very loyal to those whom I trust
19) Right now I have 3 roommates but that will be changing by the end of the summer
20) This past summer, I finally experienced forgiving myself for the stupid things I did when I was young – too young to know better
21) I like living in New England for the change of seasons but hate this type of cold – if I wanted to live in below zero temperatures, I would have move to Alaska
22) when I was younger I didn’t have many girl friends but now, I am so thankful for the women in my life that I wish I had had more female friendship when I was younger.
23) I’m pretty decided that I’m not going to law school but I’m still going to take a year after I graduate to fully make up my mind
24) Although I wish I had made some different choices than I did when I was younger, I know that I am walking with God because of the choices I did make and I probably wouldn’t change anything that I have done
25) I am so blessed and love my life!

I Pledge

So there is this video out of celebrities like Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, P Diddy, Courtney Cox, and others all pledge to change and to support our new president. They list off a number of things they can do – good works, if you will. Some of the things mentioned were to support Feed America and local food banks, mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters, reducing the amount of plastic they use, using less petroleum products, etc. At the end of this video, they ask what our personal pledge is.

Well, here is what I came up with for myself:

  1. I pledge to know the Word of God so that when someone questions me about my beliefs, I can speak to them about the things of God with confidence in Him. When I don’t know something or am unsure, I will seek it out for myself instead of relying on someone else’s revelation.
  2. I pledge to pray more, listen more and talk less. I want to know what God is saying to me for me.
  3. I pledge to be bold in Him at the right time. (This goes along with #2… I need to listen more to Him when it comes to opening my mouth. I’ve learned alot in the last year about knowing the right time to speak but I am still learning.)
  4. I pledge to no longer be fearful of speaking the name of Jesus or God in public. He is my Saviour and by knowing Him, my life has been changed. When people meet me, they need to see that.
  5. I pledge to be more sensitive to the Spirit and to submit to Him so that when people meet me they see Him and not me. The world needs Him.

So, this is all I have for now. What is your pledge?


Sorry I’ve been silent

I know, I know. It’s been a LONG time since I posted anything. But, honestly, anytime I got on to write, I had nothing to say. I believe that what God was speaking to me through my fast was only for me. Plus, there wasn’t too much else going on with me since I started classes again so I’ve been too busy with school to be concerned with anything else.

There is so much going on, I’m not sure where to start so I think for the moment, partly because it is late, I will end the post for now and will post more tomorrow. I do have some things I want to address but also somethings I have been forwarded that I want to post for all to read. Or, at least, comment and post a link the the site their on for you to read for yourself.

Have a wonderful evening and be blessed tomorrow,


Day 2 of My 21 Day Fast

So yesterday I started my 21 day fast. There are no “guidelines” as to how they want us to fast (ie. water only, Daniel fast, etc.) but I’ve decided that since I am still getting over my cold and I’ve never done a 21 day water/liquid only fast, that I would start my fast by fasting 2 meals a day. I find it more convenient to fast lunch and dinner.

Yesterday, though, was an odd day. We had our “usual” church service for New Year’s Eve from 8:00 p.m. to midnight and then after we had an “all-nighter” for the teenagers in our youth group from midnight to 9:00 a.m. Sister Sandra, my pastor’s daughter-in-law, asked me after service on Sunday to help out. I couldn’t say “no” because I love working with the kids. However, forgetting how kids are, I naively thought they would get tired at some point during the night and go to sleep. Yeah, right….

I don’t think we’ll be doing it again without some structure and more planning with regards to age ranges and chaperones. Originally Sandra had only invited the 13-18 year old kids but somehow my pastor’s wife (whom I love dearly) decided to tell a couple of the younger kids that they could come, too. The younger kids were extra hyper (thanks to being overtired more than the amount of sugar they consumed, I’m sure) and one of the 13-year-olds was very obnoxious. So, needless to say we had more problems than not. I was very tempted to call this particular 13-year-old’s grandparents to come pick him up because no matter what we said to him, he just didn’t listen. There is a serious issue with authority there.

I did, however, get an hour’s worth of sleep during the night and then I went home and slept for another hour and a half. The rest of my day was pretty relaxed. I’m pretty tired today but I’m feeling good otherwise.

For the next 3 weeks I’m going to try to blog every day or every other day about my fast to keep you up-to-date. It’s going to be interesting how this works with my school schedule as well.
Also, yesterday Melissa from Soul Mate’s Photography blogged that she and her husband each made a list of personal and professional goals they would like to accomplish in 2009. It inspired me to do the same (instead of make a New Year’s Resolution). (Check out Melissa’s blog. Her pictures are AMAZING. She does wedding, portraits, etc. I’m going to start saving now because I want her to do my wedding photos and I’ll definitely pay for her to fly out from OR to MA to do it.)I’ve made a list of 9 or 10 which I will pray about and if God gives me something different, I’ll add to it and at the end of January, I’ll post it here.

Well, I hope you all have a blessed day and a blessed New Year.